Sober (Feat. Nylon Daydream)

by Clean Comfort

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I know where youve been and I know what you've done
I've seen it happen about a million times

What are you afraid of?
I'm not that crazy
Try to keep your (my) distance from you baby

I wear all black to scare boys off
But when you get underneath
Ive got nothing but pastel pinks

Come over come over
I swear that I won't hurt you
Come on come over
We can get drunk or stay sober

Why you can't come over come over
I'll play hide and seek with ya
Eat me out and roll me under
I'll be your Cleopatra
Get me out be my lover
I touch the sky for ya

Come on come over
I wouldn't mind me some flowers
I just wanna be ur right shoulder
Baby boy just come over


released January 14, 2016

Produced by Clean Comfort's TV Blonde.




Clean Comfort Santa Monica, California

Clean Comfort is:

Steven Esquibel

Matt Sturgis

Jonathan Claustro

Aaron Rabanal

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